Premios y galardones

aClientes y expertos independientes de todo el mundo aprecian los productos DRUTEX, que se distinguen por sus avances tecnológicos, su excepcional facilidad de uso, su diseño único y la máxima calidad de fabricación.

Recognition and prestige

DRUTEX's dynamic development as a leading European woodwork manufacturer has resulted in many awards and honourable mentions that the brand has received in recent years at home and abroad.

This confirms that most customers consider DRUTEX to be a market trendsetter and a brand valued for its top-tier quality and innovative solutions.

Superbrands Ltd, an international organisation operating in 87 countries, has been identifying and recognising the strongest brands operating in local markets for more than 20 years.
Premium Brand
DRUTEX has received the "High Reputation Brand" title awarded by Premium Brand. Premium Brand's survey covers almost 250 brands and companies in 25 product and service categories and has been conducted for 14 years.
European Medal
Awarded by the Business Centre Club, the European Medal is a Polish venture to promote the idea of the European Union in the business community. The European Medal is awarded for products and services that are up to European standards.
Plus X Award
The Plus X Award is awarded to the creators of high-quality products that are also functional and designed in line with current trends.